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Court battle erupts over
Captain America's remains

By John Breneman

The shocking death of Captain America at the hands of a sniper last week has sparked a furious courtroom battle over where the iconic superhero and World War II veteran should be buried.

Iron Man testified that Captain America once told him he wanted to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. However, that is considered unlikely because he refused to submit to a Bush administration policy requiring mandatory federal registration of all superheroes.

Mr. America believed the policy violated his civil liberties, putting him at the center of the debate individual rights versus national security and causing President Bush to accuse him of "undermining the troops" and "emboldening the enemy." After surrendering to face charges of violating the superhero registration law, he was gunned down while being led into federal court.

Born Steve Rogers on July 4, 1917, and known as Cap to those closest to him, Mr. America first achieved fame for battling the Nazis during World War II and Commies during the 1950s.

Longtime friend the Sub-Mariner claims Caption America wanted to be buried in a block of ice in the North Atlantic, but fellow Avenger the Human Torch told the National Enquirer, "Cap always said that, when the time came, he wanted me to cremate him."

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Posted on March 12, 2007 10:54 PM | Permalink

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