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50 Cent introduces 50 Scent

Imagine the dangerous aroma of a freshly fired 9 milimeter semiautomatic handgun.

Blend in the rich, bling-tastic bouquet of a burlap sack stuffed with $100 bills.

Now add an audaciously naughty whiff of skanky ghetto gold-digger.

Introducing 50 Scent -- a gangsta-licious new fragrance created by platinum-toothed rap mogul 50 Cent.
(See poster version)

Just dab some on your neck, behind your ear and all up in your junk to drive the ladies wild.

Or slather some upside those unsightly drive-by scars to make old wounds sizzle with brutish sensuality.

50 Scent: Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 50 Dollar

Posted on March 18, 2011 9:25 AM | Permalink

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