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Libyan protesters demand ouster of Gadhafi, Khadafi, Qadhafi and Khaddaffi

Libyan crazy man Moammar Gadhafi is reportedly "going ballistic" as protesters call for an end to his four-decade reign.

Col. Qaddafi, whose name is routinely spelled Gaddafi, Kadhafi, Qadhaffi, Khaddafi and countless other variations in media reports, is not only a ruthless despot -- he's also a raving schizophrenic, with at least one outlandish personality for each spelling of his name.

Sources describe him as "a real dictator's dictator" with a fondness for mustard gas, donkey prostitutes and human oppression. A defiant Khaduffy has vowed to remain in power -- pledging to govern his people to death if necessary. His vow to battle protesters to the "last drop of blood" (theirs, not his obviously) sent the price of blood spiking to over $100 a barrel.   (MORE)

Posted on March 18, 2011 9:30 AM | Permalink

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