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Trump claims he has proof Obama is black

PORTSMOUTH, N.H -- Republican hairball Donald Trump today bragged about pressuring President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, saying the debate can now shift to more important matters -- like forcing the president to produce papers proving he's not a Nazi.

Speaking in Portsmouth, N.H., the bombastic birther said his paid experts will issue a ruling on the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate in 4-6 weeks, hinting that he suspects it may be a forgery.

In a related development, Trump has parlayed his sliming of America's president into a lucrative endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan. A Klan spokesman said Trump stands to win millions of votes in the coveted racist demographic if he would just come out and call Obama the N-word instead of dancing around it day after day.

The move ends speculation that the Klan might snub Trump due to his oft-repeated claim that he is beloved by "the blacks." Trump further solidified his standing among U.S. bigots by claiming it would be "easy" to slash gas prices and fix the economy -- just start tough-talking the towel heads and the Chinamen.

Genius Trump is also claiming the illegitimate president was some kind of a dunce in college -- even though Obama was brilliant enough to be elected president of the Harvard Law Review.

Two-faced Trump has dumped his past support of reproductive rights, universal health care and taxing the rich to help the nation -- flip-flopping to qualify as a pandering Republican.

Each time Trump speaks, his words plummet in value -- and his business ventures now carry the taint of his repugnant, fact-free campaign of character assassination.

It speaks volumes that polls put this blowhard atop the Republicans presidential heap. Polls also show a sharp increase in the number of people who once found Trump barely tolerable but now see him as a pathetic, unpatriotic media whore.

-- John Breneman

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Posted on April 28, 2011 9:11 AM | Permalink

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