Below are some Humor Gazette golden oldies from the George W. Bush era

Gazette 'endorsed'
Bush in 2004

How to tell if yer
president is a redneck

Bush suffers from
Iraq-tile Dysfunction

(Jan. 2, 2006) President Bush may suffer from a rare medical condition called Iraq-tile Dysfunction. This according to an anonymous whistle-blower close to the president's unit.

Symptoms are said to include limp oratory, feeble rhetoric and droopy poll numbers.

"Some days you're trying like heck to nail an insurgency but you feel like you're just shooting blanks," said former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole. MORE

Bush clone dubbed W2

Cheney accidentally
detonates nuclear weapon

(Feb. 14, 2006) Vice President Dick Cheney, already under fire for failing to report that he shot a man in the face over the weekend, is tight-lipped about a new report that he accidentally set off a nuclear warhead in the Marshall Islands last week. Sources say Cheney, a longtime weapons of mass destruction enthusiast, was simply cleaning the launch mechanism when the bomb suddenly went off. MORE

Bush fails second doping test

Prez eyes part-time job

(Jan. 26, 2005) President Bush announced today he needs another $80 billion to keep fighting his war in Iraq. But when critics hammered him over where he expects America to come up with that kind of cash, the president said he is thinking of getting a part-time job. "Bein' president is hard work," said Bush. But he added that he's willing to pump gas or get a paper route if it helps bring democracy to the whole wide world. MORE

George W. woos Saudi prince

(April 27, 2005) Holding hands with his special friend Prince Abdullah, President Bush said today he tried everything to get the bashful Saudi monarch to drop the price of oil -- from flowers and chocolates to butterfly kisses and promises of geopolitical favors. But don't expect Bush's wooing to pay off at the pump. Despite charming him with pickup truck rides and brush-clearing lessons, sources say the president couldn't even get to second base with the sexy Saudi. MORE

The oratorical stylings
of Pres. George W. Bush

(March 28, 2006) President Bush was feeling chatty last week, rolling from Ohio to Washington to West Virginia to riff about the elusive and bloody quest for Iraqi democracy. MORE

This one appeared in the Boston Herald.

Bush as commander-in-cheek

(April 5, 2006) "Heh heh." The president of the United States cracks himself up. ... Watch how the master turns a serious question about immigration reform into an opening for a self-deprecating jab about what a moron he is. MORE

Critics praise President Bush's
'breathing space' for Iraq speech

(Jan. 15, 2007) President George W. Bush's historic Jan. 10 call to send more young Americans to their deaths in order to give the Iraqi government some "breathing space" was yet another spellbinding piece of oratory. MORE

Critics praise President Bush's
"I think about Iraq every day" speech

When future generations assess the legacy of President George W. Bush, they will surely reflect on his now-famous "I think about Iraq every day" speech of June 20, 2005. MORE

President tells nation, 'I'm sure something will pop into my head' (April 14, 2004)

Bush stand-up routine

(Jan. 25, 2006) President Bush warmed up the crowd for his talk about terror and 9/11 and spying on Monday with a taste of his classic "Everybody Loves W." standup routine. The president was on a roll. In fact, the parenthetical reaction (Laughter) appears a rollicking 61 times in the official White House transcript. MORE

New Year's resolutions:
George W. Bush

-- Figure out who's askin' for it worse: Iran or North Korea
-- Keep eye out for bin Laden
-- Clear more brush
-- Keep world safe for
Jesus-based democracy

President 'punked' press,
public with Iraq gag

(April 1, 2005) President Bush today responded to a new report investigating the bogus pre-war intelligence scam that led to war in Iraq by admitting that the whole thing was nothing more than a big prank.

"Gotcha. Heh-heh," Bush said to a slack-jawed pack of media jackals. "You been punk'd. Heh-heh." MORE

Bush sworn in on a stack of Bibles

(Jan. 20, 2005) Basking in the glory of his terrific/horrific war to liberate/obliterate Iraq, President George W. Bush used his inaugural address today to take aim at a new goal: "the greatest achievements in the history of freedom." MORE

Bush relative holds
slim lead in Iraq polls

Polls show the early leader in the race for president of Iraq is a little-known second cousin of President George W. Bush. Ahmad W. Bush, described as a fervent born-again Shiite who favors tax cuts for oil industry warlords, holds a slim lead over Jihad Party nominee Mohammed al-Mohamma-Lama-Dingdong.

Confessions of a Fake Journalist: 2005 in review

Fistful of Jelly Beans

George W. Bush vs. Ronald Reagan

-- June 16, 2004

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