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A Bridgeport, Conn., woman is pleading with the court to spare her cat the death penalty for terrorizing and attacking neighbors, the Associated Press reported today. The razor-clawed perpetrator, identified only as Lewis, allegedly laid siege to an unsuspecting Avon lady as she emerged from her vehicle. He is also accused of three counts of biting a different victim, leaving three sets of fang marks and eight deep scratches as Exhibits A through K. The cat's owner, Ruth Cisero, faces a second-degree reckless endangerment rap for her sidekick's violent hissing fits. One of Lewis' victims is pressing for cat capital punishment, but Cisero is fighting to save one of her little buddy's lives. Tuesday's court proceeding was attended by several pro-Lewis, animal rights purr-otesters. Biggest unanswered question: Would any criminal activity in one of Lewis' past lives be admissible in court?

Posted on May 24, 2006 8:06 AM | Permalink

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