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Ex-Chihuahua sues Paris Hilton

By John Breneman

A disgruntled Chihuahua once owned by Paris Hilton is suing the long-legged, pinheaded heiress for $2.5 million, alleging lurid tales of canine porn and doggie-style debauchery.

Attorneys for the dog, identified in court documents as "Tinkerbell 7," claim Hilton had made "certain representations" about taking care of the diminutive handbag-dwelling pooch in "the lifestyle to which it has become accustomed."

A spokesman for Hilton claimed the dog was let go after it breeched an unwritten agreement by peeing on a $500,000 jewel-encrusted minidress while sitting in Hilton's lap at Daddy Bling's in Monaco. But the dog's legal team says several eyewitnesses will testify that "Paris had already peed on the same dress at least twice that night."

The lawsuit also hints at domestic abuse. "Paris used to beat me," claims the former pet, citing one incident in which it suffered a fractured front leg when Hilton "bitch slapped" it for walking in unannounced while she was entertaining an identified pile of men.

Tinkerbell 7, who once dreamed of hauling his mistress to glory in the MTV Celebrity Iditarod, has been reduced to panhandling (yapping "Where's the beef" for spare change on Rodeo Drive) and doing guest spots on shows like VH1's "100 Nastiest Celebrity Poop-Related Incidents."

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