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Spears baby to be named T-Bone

By John Breneman

Britney Spears has given birth to a boy, the second of her 12 children, and a source close to her cigarette dealer claims the beloved pop commodity plans to continue the trend of oddball celebrity baby names like Suri, Coco, Shiloh and Apple.

"Yeah, she's gonna name him Camel, either that or Marlboro," said Cleetus Chesterfield, a Kentwood, La., tobacco distributor.

Off-the-chain hip-hop megastar Kevin Federline, believed to be the baby's mama's "pimp daddy," is reportedly leaning toward calling him Lil' K-Fed or Toxic G.

While mini FedX is just Spears' second child, he is at least the fourth for Federline (father of Kori, 4, and Kaleb, 2, with Shar Jackson). The National Enquirer is reporting the opportunistic rap god may have sired as many as 25-40 children with dozens of random "beeyatches" and "hos."

Spears reportedly delivered a 6-pound, 11-ounce boy just before 2 a.m. Tuesday, via a rare procedure called an MTV-section.

In related news: Actress Minnie Driver gave birth to a boy, Racecar.

Posted on September 12, 2006 11:43 PM | Permalink

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