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VH-1 shooting Charles Manson reality show

By John Breneman

Negotiations for a new Charles Manson reality show on VH-1 have broken down over the notorious serial killer's demand that each episode end with the ritualistic slaying of two baby gerbils and a music industry executive.

Footage has already been shot for several episodes of the program -- tentatively titled "Charlie Knows Best," "Manson Family Values" or "Death to the Television Whore-Bastards."

In one, a heavily shackled Manson visits an old-folks home and delights skeptical seniors by teaching a workshop on how to carve Nazi insignias into their foreheads.

In another, furious when guards at California's Corcoran State Prison strip a tattered Farrah Fawcett poster from his 6-by-8-foot "crib," Manson sets fire to his mattress, poops on the floor and spits into the camera 142 times.

Manson spews contempt for his rivals in one chilling segment, fashioning a crude jailhouse shiv from a Mountain Dew can while threatening to eat the intestinal "sweet bread" of Hulk Hogan, Danny Bonaduce and Flavor Flav.

VH-1 insiders also are touting a special cameo in which Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme is caught trying to assassinate President Bush, ex-Beach Boy Brian Wilson and Oprah.

A source close to the guy who cleans the maggots out of Manson's beard claims the celebrity psychopath delighted producers with his catchy signature slogan: "The streets will run red with the Robitussin cough syrup of the non-believers!"

Posted on November 13, 2006 10:30 AM | Permalink

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