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Hannity's new Colmes: Frankie Goldchains

Fox News has announced that Alan Colmes will soon leave his post as liberal co-host of "Hannity & Colmes."

As Fox decides whether to simply rename the show "Hannity and More Hannity," one contender to replace Colmes is tough-guy media pundit Frankie Goldchains, a former mob hit man, rat and underworld consultant.


Sean, you ignorant schmuck! This here is Frankie Goldchains!!

Yeah, too bad about your boy Colmes. I heard he busted up your little "Hannity & Colmes" sorority party. So I'm taking Colmes' old job, see.

I got you figured out, Hannity. Right-wing pretty boy. … You talk a big game, but I bet you got a glass jaw.

Day after Colmes leaves, I'm in your face like a frickin' left-wing cage fighter. Bada-BOOM! Bada-BING! And don't expect me to be some limp, lefty punching bag like old Colmesy there.

You smug millionaire gasbag. I'll smack that frickin' grin off your makeup-caked piehole.

Fair and balanced, yeah right. You unbalanced fairy.

I'm gonna come down there … debate the crap outta you.

No more "Hannity & Colmes." From now on its "Hannity & Goldchains," see. Wait, I got a new name for you, Pinhead -- "Goldchains & Hannity" !!!

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Posted on December 11, 2008 9:49 AM | Permalink

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