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Red Sox fans suffering from
Postseason Traumatic Stress Disorder

By John Breneman

When the Boston Red Sox swept the New York Yankees in early June to bring their season record against the Bronx Bombers to 8-0, even the most realistic Sox fan had visions of the team rolling through the postseason to claim its third World Series title of the decade.

But now that Boston has been swept from the playoffs by the Angels, sports psychologists estimate that up to 82 percent of Red Sox Nation may be suffering from ... Postseason Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Symptoms include:
O Sensations of droopiness in your “We’re #1” foam finger.
O Recurring flashbacks to October of 1986.
O Delusion that TV clicker can be used to change playoff loss into victory.
O Irrational fear of men named Vladimir and anyone clad in pinstripes.
O Unshakable feeling that Manny Ramirez is laughing at you.
O Hallucinations involving the frozen, severed head of Ted Williams.

Leading sports neurologists report there is no cure, though some counselors suggest afflicted Sox fans may benefit from a treatment once used by supporters of the old Brooklyn Dodgers called “Wait till next year” therapy.

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