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Palin calls National Geographic cover 'sexist'

By John Breneman

Responding to criticism from Sarah Palin that her depiction on the cover of National Geographic was "sexist and oh-so-Newsweek," editors at the magazine defended the use of a provocative image paired with the headline, "GOP Cougar Unleashed!"

"Our interest in Sarah Palin is strictly anthropological," said editor Jack Wildebeest. "Plus we wanted to sell a couple million magazines."

Palin claimed the magazine played "gotcha" by tricking her into admitting that she doesn't believe in evolution.

According to the article: "Palinus Politicus (species: anti-homo sapiens) is a fierce, cold-blooded carnivore often mocked in the political jungle for stalking as prey the swifter, nimbler, more intelligent Kenyan Obama."

Palin, riding a wave of publicity with the release of her best-selling autobiography "Going Vogue" and a controversial Newsweek cover, also complained about sexist cover treatment in the Christian Science Monitor, Ebony and the Reader's Digest swimsuit edition. She is calling a report in Vanity Fair "unbalanced."

Sarah 'Going Vogue' in maverick memoir

By John Breneman

Media buzz over the new best-seller by conservative queen bee Sarah Palin climaxes today as "Going Rogue: An American Life" finally hits bookstores.

Also out today, "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare," a book of essays critical of Palin complied by two editors at The Nation and featuring a nearly identical cover.

And now, completing the trilogy, a hot new Palin parody from Humor Gazette Media -- "Going Vogue: A Real American ... Huh?"

With startling revelations about the former beauty queen (Miss Communication) turned Joe Six-Pack hockey mom, "Going Vogue" is already getting rave reviews from the godless elite liberal media and President Obama's death panels.

The publication -- described as "a revisionist look at a revisionist autobiography by America's most fabulous fabulist" -- reveals that along with creationism, Palin is a devout believer in creating her own reality.

"Going Vogue" confirms that Palin does not believe in evolution and breaks the news that she supports an Evolutionary War pitting "real Americans" against liberals and apes. She also reiterates her belief in the right of every fetus to own a gun.

In the parody, Palin takes shots at John McCain for choosing her to be one heartbeat (or ruptured spleen) away from the presidency, and she sprinkles the book with fawning references to God and Ronald Reagan, part of her ongoing campaign to be the conservative movement's Cute Rockne.

Fresh digs at Katie Couric for playing "gotcha"? You betcha.

In addition to breaking new jokes about Palin's call for the U.S. to adopt tougher sanctions against David Letterman, the abridged (to nowhere) edition of "Going Vogue" spotlights past Humor Gazette reportage on the Foxy Newsmaker. (See videos below)

Palin's "family values" shtik is increasing her family's value by millions -- with her best-selling book, lucrative reality TV opportunities, workout DVDs and a new line of Sassy Sarah bobble-head political action figures.

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