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Palin eyes Miss Anti-America pageant crown

Good evening, I'm Humor Gazette news anchorman Reid Page and this is the 13 O'Clock News.


Tonight -- political beauty queen Sarah Palin: Friend or foe?

Sunday was Palin's last day as governor of Alaska, and now that the godless, East Coast liberal media has forced her to hand over her crown to the first runner-up, the former Miss Wasilla is aiming to become the first woman ever to claim a repeat title as Miss Communication.

Palin's natural flair for political pageantry endeared her to millions after John McCain crowned her Miss GOP Running Mate 2008, and the former Miss Alaska second runner-up strutted across that Bridge From Nowhere and wowed 'em with her lipstick on a pitbull hockey mom acceptance speech.

Critics dissed her as a dizzy diva, unqualified to run the country. But the popular Palin picked up several more titles out on the campaign trail, where she was crowned Miss Adventure, Miss Quotation and Miss Informed.

After the election, the glamorous governor continued to tout herself for the title of Miss Understood. However, sources say she missed the national spotlight in Alaska, where her hopes for fresh pageant glory seemed limited despite repeated nominations for Miss Behavior and Miss Conduct.

The moment she announced her resignation, the foxy newsmaker was widely hailed as Miss Leader. And now that she's quit, most pundits consider her a sexy, high-heeled shoo-in for Miss Calculation.

She can write those memoirs, keep posting bitter Tweet nothings on Twitter, and - if she plays her maverick cards right and gets more people to hate the socialist president -- many believe that by 2012 she could earn the ultimate title … Miss Anti-America.

Posted on November 9, 2010 10:26 PM | Permalink

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