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Sarah Palin book review: 'Going Redneck'

Yep, Billy Buck Teefus here -- American redneck savant.

Here to tell you that - if you like pitbulls and hockey moms and "real Americans" -- why, you ain't gonna find a better book than this here new best-seller from Miss Sarah Palin -- "Goin' Vogue."

Them that can read tells me it's getting poor reviews from the godless elite liberal media.

But I like Sarah Palin, cause she knows how to pander to lowest common denominator types like me. Plus, we both believe in the God-given right of every fetus to own a gun.

So go on out and get yerself a copy of "Goin' Vogue" -- why, it's chock full of homespun, common-sense misinformation about how to field dress Katie Couric and how to fight off one of President Obama's death panels.

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Billy Buck Teefus:
Thanksgiving blessing '07

Billy Buck Teefus:
Redneck Xmas album

Posted on November 10, 2010 8:59 AM | Permalink

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