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Loaded for bear: Gosselin rides shotgun with Palin

The Mama Grizzly mauled the Mama Drama Queen in "Sarah Palin's Alaska" last night, firmly establishing her Alpha Female dominance in the reality-show jungle.

Kate Gosselin survived her showdown with a heavily armed Palin by cutting short their rain-soaked camping adventure, gathering up her litter of eight and high-tailing it back to the Lower 48.

In a bears-and-bullets story line intended to contrast Palin's boasty ruggedness with Gosselin's gun-shy wussiness, Yosemite Sarah squeezed off shotgun blasts with near-cartoonish vigor. This week's excuse for Palin to demonstrate her Second Amendment prowess was a course in bear safety (her contract requires that at least one hail of gunfire per episode).

Last Sunday, under the pretense of filling the freezer for her hungry family, (Operation: Reindeer Slay) she went on a $2.4 million (or whatever) caribou safari. After several entertaining misfires, she "bagged an animal" -- scoring some sweet, free-range caribou meat that the Alaska Dispatch estimated cost $200 a pound.

Hyped as a must-see, reality TV Kodiak moment, the Mama Grizzly drama fizzled when -- after a riveting exchange of horrified grimaces and OMG eye-rolls -- Gosselin bailed on Palin, having endured as much as she could bear.

(Safety tip: If you encounter a Palin in the wild, remain calm and slowly back away while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Jimmy Kimmel's heavily armed "Palins vs. Gossselins" spoof video (photo above)

Posted on December 13, 2010 9:35 AM | Permalink

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