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Monopoly game rigged: Luxury tax deal cut!

As the Republicans celebrated their triumphant "compromise" over Obama and the Democrats -- the wealthiest Americans popped open the bubbly to toast their luxury tax cuts and their monopoly ownership of Congress.

And as the poorest 95% scratched their heads wondering why the rich just got richer again, the specter of George W. Bush smirked from the bestseller list.

Congressional Republicans pledge allegiance to trickle-down economics because their share of the trickle is a Category 5 whitewater cash tsunami. Democrats reap the bounty too, but at least they try to help those struggling to stay above water.

The Tea Party saluted the deficit-busting move -- saying it hasn't yet caught on that it's getting exploited by the corporate-owned GOP.

China also saluted the move -- saying in an official statement, "Thank you very much."

2008 Campaign Trail Obama could not be reached for comment.

Posted on December 7, 2010 11:03 AM | Permalink

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