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Palin presidential
poster design leaked

Cyber-blabbermouth Julian Assange is threatening more leaks -- sources say he's poised to dish shocking secrets about Sarah Palin's presidential plans, Hamid Karzai's opium addiction and Lindsay Lohan's nuclear readiness.

Now in custody, the WikiLeaks provocateur claims to possess a "poison pill" cache of documents jampacked with juicy geopolitical trash talk and government skullduggery.

Assange said associates are under orders to detonate the dirt bomb if he is held against his will, poisoned by a shadowy figure in a trenchcoat or shipped to Guantanamo for waterboarding.

What's in the next WikiLeaks leak?
(advance leak excerpts leaked to The Daily Palin)
-- Location of Kim Jong-il's swanky underground sex bunker
-- Birth certificate for Glenn Beck/Mahmoud Ahmadinejad love child
-- Blueprints for a terror mosque to be built near the Statue of liberty
-- Internal Fox News documents instructing commentators to use the following terms when talking about President Obama: "communist, facist, racist, elitist, egotist, czarist, Muslim extremist, radical Islamist, militant leftist, socialist, antisocialist, anarchist, Leninist, Stalinist, Marxist, Maoist, Hitlerist, Idi Amin-ist, Darwinist, Confucianist, jack-bootist, pro-abortionist, brown supremacist."
-- Test designs for "Palin 2012" presidential posters

Other shocking secrets at risk of being revealed:
-- The Tea Party movement still hasn't figured out it's being exploited by the corporate-owned GOP.
-- Internal GOP talking points confirm #1 goal is "destroying Obama," wrecking middle class is "collateral damage."
-- Congressional Republicans favor trickle-down economics because their share of the trickle is a Category 5 cash tsunami.

Alexandra Petri: WikiLeaks has goods on 'Mother Teresa' (Washington Post)

McCain 'assumes maverick position' on gays in military

Sen. John McCain's hypocritical, political, ever-changing excuses for blocking repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell inspired this Letterman-style Top 11 list

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