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The Devil wears Pravda

Get ready for a Cold War. Cause some Commie columnist from Russia just called Sarah Palin a "pith-headed bimbo."

This isn't the old Kremlin propaganda newspaper Pravda. Reagan shut that down back in '91. Old Pravda would have called Palin a "shrill she-devil capitalist tool of the Republican stooges and their corporate masters."

New Pravda, which bills itself as "Russian news and analysis," slams its neighbor to the east in a rude screed-with-a-message by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey.

The Englishman dishes some old-school Russian bolshevik -- slamming Sarah for her signature "displays of sheer and utter ignorance."

She's "hysterical" -- a "screaming, unrefined oaf" whose self-serving, semi-literate Tweet Offensive against the American president constitutes at least an affront to, if not an actual "threat to national security."

Gonna take that Sarah? Didn't think so.

Given Palin's tendency to make sure no unkind word goes unpunished, we can be glad she's nowhere near any of those nuclear buttons. ("I can mushroom cloud Putin from my house.")

Stay tuned. There may be Kalashnikovs involved when she busts open an Alaska-size can of Sarah-stroika.

Posted on December 3, 2010 3:13 PM | Permalink

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