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Talk to the Hannity: Palin says left won't 'shut me up'

By John Breneman

Still smarting from her non-role in the Arizona shooting, Sarah Palin last night reminded millions of Fox viewers that the right of free speech does not come with a responsibility of coherence.

In a blockbuster interview with colleague Sean Hannity last night, Palin wove defensive talking points into her trademark rambling gibberish, spinning free of Hannity's softballs to stick it to those hateful lefties (unofficial transcript).

Her main point: It was unfair, actually "reprehensible," to examine the possible role of inflammatory right-wing rhetoric and images in the actions of an "apolitical or perhaps even left-leaning criminal."

Got that? Unfair to talk about her alleged bullseye/"Reload!" call to arms. Perfectly OK to talk about the shooter as a possible "left-leaning criminal."

Because in Palin's world right is righteous and left is evil.

"I mean it reminds me that those on the left -- if it weren't for their double standards, they'd have no standards."

Oh, snap! An oldie but a goodie. Palin liked that pre-planned zinger so much, she used it again to duck Hannity's second futile attempt to elicit any insight about her "blood libel" comment.

"Blah, blah, blah," said Palin. "So, again, it was part of that double standard thing and goes back to if it weren't for those double standards, what standards would they have, I suppose." Take that, lefties!

Palin was correct about one thing: "I know that a lot of those on the left hate my message."

Yes, many on the left are disgusted by her message -- that America's president hates America, pals around with terrorists and wants to kill your grandmother. And that his wife is evil, too.

Even Hannity must have been frustrated about being BS'd by a colleague he was trying to help out of a jam. She couldn't deliver a straight answer to any of his questions -- even one about the target map being removed from her Web site.

Hannity invited Palin to engage in honest reflection about the role of weaponized rhetoric and images in our political discourse.

After all, the nation was still eager to hear her sincere views on the unfortunate coincidence: that a congresswoman whom Palin had targeted with a bullseye on a map and a call to "Reload!" -- and who admonished Palin on video that such actions have "consequences" -- was shot in the head.

But Palin's answer to any criticism -- or even a simple request for straight talk -- is always the same. "They're not going to shut me up."

No surprise that Hannity's interview sidestepped the question Palin will never answer: How did you feel seeing the video in which Rep. Giffords says, "We're on Sarah Palin's targeted list ... (with) the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. When people do that, they've got to realize there are consequences to that action"?

For that is a question that intrudes on the narrative that Palin and her fellow right-wing bomb throwers are the true victims.

*  *  *

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Posted on January 18, 2011 11:50 AM | Permalink

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