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Humor Gazette buys The Daily Palin for $315M

The Humor Gazette, the underground media/satire conglomerate that claims to trace its roots to the Revolutionary War, has purchased The Daily Palin for a reported $315 million.

The blockbuster deal shocked media analysts, coming amid speculation that the controversial Palin satire site was about to be gobbled up by one of the handful of media companies that now own everything.

In addition to stock options, sources say the mega-sale included five caribou pelts, a box of guns and an undisclosed sum of cash rumored to be in excess of $4.

Humor Gazette CEO John Breneman said the acquisition made financial sense despite Palin's plummeting approval numbers, because her disapproval numbers are skyrocketing. Polls show Americans equally divided on whether Palin will run for president, foment an armed revolution or goad some maniac into taking a shot at "Death Panel" Obama.

"Obviously, since Tucson, Palin is just not even remotely funny anymore," he said. "But as long as she keeps firing off hateful, incoherent rants against the president -- and the media keeps lapping it up -- she's a hot commodity." The Daily Palin also offers Palin products ranging from "Gall of Duty" video games to Sarah's Super-Sensitive In-Your-Face Cream for Ultra-Thin Skin, and a parody book titled "(Real) America By Heart: Reflections on (Exploiting) Family Faith and Flag (For Fun & Profit)."

Sources say The Daily Palin's head writer is taking an indefinite medical leave to combat ailments (including malignant soul weevils) triggered by Palin's rare ability to spread cancer without actually having it.

Headquartered in New York, Los Angeles and London, with brand-new international bureaus popping up in skyscrapers from Dusseldorf and Dubai, the Humor Gazette is also said to be eyeing The Daily Romney, Gingrich Aficionado and The Huckabee Post.

Posted on February 9, 2011 8:43 AM | Permalink

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