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By John Breneman

Birthday fugitive Whitey Bulger marks his 78th tomorrow by continuing his 13-year game of hide 'n' seek with the FBI. There'll be cake (vanilla with vanilla frosting) and, if you wanna make a fast million, just find out the undisclosed location of the Pale One's birthday bash and drop a dime to the feds.

The scavenger hunt for the notorious Hub gangster -- who disappeared in 1994, wanted for at least 18 murders -- has included Bulger "sightings" all over the world. In fact, the No. 4 thug on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list was last seen on the big screen, where he was played by Jack Nicholson in "The Departed."

So, where's Whitey? Rumor is he's holed up in Hollywood, pitching scripts to Hub homeys Ben Affleck ("Gone Whitey Gone") and Matt Damon ("The Bulger Ultimatum").

Actor Keanu Reeves turns 43 today. Having starred in flicks called "My Own Private Idaho" and "Feeling Minnesota," he's now being eyed to play Sen. Larry Craig, the disgraced Idaho pol fingered for perversion in a Minnesota men's room.

And happy 41st to Salma Hayek. After her success as executive producer of Emmy-winning "Ugly Betty," her next project is a sitcom based on a bisexual, Communist Mexican painter with a unibrow, "Ugly Frida."

On this day in 1901 at the Minnesota State Fair, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt uttered his famous phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big rocket-propelled grenade launcher."

Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh died at age 79 on this day in 1969, leaving his heirs a napalm war with the world's leading superpower and a stake in his beloved basketball team, the Ho Chi Minh Trailblazers.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury was founded on this day in 1789, with strict instructions to try to keep the federal deficit under $9 trillion.

On this day in 1969, Rockville Center, N.Y., became the site of America's first automatic teller machine, a bulky contraption that dispensed a free toaster to the first 100 customers.

Sixty-three years ago today, Navy pilot George H.W. Bush was bailed out of his burning plane after being hit while bombing Japanese targets. Nearly 30 years later, his son George W. was hiding from Vietnam in the Texas Air National Guard when he, too, got bombed and bailed out.

And on this day in 1945, Japan surrendered aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay in exchange for a moratorium on U.S. mushroom clouds and a jobs program for displaced kamikaze pilots.

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