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McCain linked to error kingpin Abu Dubya

By John Breneman

John McCain for the last eight years has been "palling around" with a man who nearly destroyed the United States of America during his deadly reign of error, the mainstream media has learned.

Emerging evidence links the Republican nominee with notorious right-wing error kingpin Abu Dubya, whose international and domestic malfeasance has harmed millions and cost taxpayers trillions.

Pundits say McCain's close ties to Dubya, described as a high-ranking member of the Bush-Cheney Underground, could hurt him in his quest for the White House. Behind in the polls and reeling from the nation's economic meltdown, McCain has tried to distance himself from Dubya but has never repudiated him.

Now McCain strategists have alerted the media they're suspending discussion of the country's severe economic woes to focus their full attention on smearing Sen. Obama.

Rather than think up some way to help millions of Amercians gripped by economic distress, McCain dispatched co-maverick VP pitbull Sarah Palin to stink up the campaign trail with claims that Sen. Barack Obama "pals around with terrorists."

In addition to wielding Weather Underground radical William Ayers as a weapon against Obama (who has denounced Ayers' actions as "detestable"), the McCain camp is said to possess footage of Obama's former pastor saying, "God damn America."

Several days before gearing up the Swift Boat Express for a fresh assault on Main Street, Gov. Palin, insisted at the Oct. 2 vice presidential debate that Sen. McCain's past connections to Abu Dubya should be off-limits.

"Say it ain't so, Joe, there you go again. … Now doggone it, let's look ahead," urged Palin, who said she wants "a little bit of reality from Wasilla Main Street there, brought to Washington, D.C."

Sources say Palin plans to introduce a series of homespun new policies such as the Church-State United Act and No Joe Sixpack Left Behind.

However, the Obama camp says McCain's relationship with the enigmatic Dubya is not only relevant but "dangerous." McCain aggressively campaigned to block Dubya's rise to power in early 2000, but abruptly flip-flopped that May and was soon photographed hugging the powerful error syndicate leader.

Critics say McCain helped advance the virulent Abu Dubya economic ideology that brought the American financial sector to its knees.

Abu Dubya also claims responsibility for:
-- spiking the pre-9/11 intelligence briefing "Bin Laden determined to attack in U.S."
-- worsening the impact of a hurricane that wiped out a major American city.
-- invading Iraq without provocation.
-- stealing billions from taxpayers and giving it to cronies.

Gov. Palin's bid to distract attention from the McCain-Dubya connection includes a probe into whether she fired Alaska's public safety commissioner because he refused to dismiss a state trooper who was Palin's ex-brother-in-law.

Palin said that if she is "so blessed" to be elected, she hopes to expand the power of the vice presidency to fire U.S. attorneys, "activist judges" and maybe a couple member of Congress.

Palin also assured the American people that, once elected, she "wouldn't blink" on matters of "wiretappin', toleratin' gays and getting' rid of that pesky women's right to choose."

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