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Triple-Action News: the latest poll

Good evening, I'm anchorman Reid Page and this is Triple-Action News.

A new Gallup poll reveals that conservatives and liberals agree on at least one key issue -- 82% of Americans say they would like to punch a politician in the face.

Another 74% say they would like to choke a cable TV news pundit.

This as a majority of conservatives AND liberals agree that efforts to make America more healthy are being distorted by malicious cable news fear-mongering, and sabotaged by typical hypocritical political greed.

In a new Fox News poll ...

86% of Fox News viewers are confused about whether President Obama is a socialist, a communist, a Nazi, a Muslim extremist or -- worse -- all of the above.

74% don't want their schoolchildren exposed to that radical, foreign, brown bogeyman who lives in the White House.

Another 46% fear Obama is plotting to implant an Obamaton microchip in the left forearm of every schoolchild.

And 99% of Fox News viewers say they do not want to be euthanized by some government death panel or one of Obama's big-government zombie storm troopers.

However, 99% of Fox viewers ALSO say they wouldn't mind having health insurance that covered pre-existing conditions, that didn't keep skyrocketing in price and that actually paid most medical bills instead of arbitrarily denying coverage.

For Triple-Action News, I'm anchorman Reid Page.

Posted on August 9, 2009 9:36 AM | Permalink

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