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Obama heckled by Animal House of Representatives

By John Breneman

Days after deriding President Obama's pep talk to America's schoolchildren as some sort of socialist plot, Republican congressmen heckled the president during a major speech on health care, lobbing spitballs and calling the president a stinking, Nazi, big-government liar.

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson and others responded to Obama's appeal to join together for the good of the country by channeling a scene from "Animal House" -- blurting out "death panel!" while pretending to cough into their hands.

Later it was discovered that GOP lawmakers had littered the floor of Congress with crumpled-up paper airplanes and used magic markers to scrawl "Obama loves Pelosi" and "Barack sucks" on the backs of chairs.

Though some Democrats slammed Wilson for his disrespectful outburst, key Republicans praised him for sucking up half the air time that might have been used to cover the actual speech.

Analysts say GOP reaction to the president's speech proves his Republican foes are determined to turn one of the most important issues of our time into a political food fight.

Posted on September 10, 2009 10:07 AM | Permalink

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