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Fact: The Sarah Palin industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. economy (Main Street Journal).

The Daily Palin has learned this shrewd, shrewish celebu/poli/tainer plans piggyback her presidential announcement with the launch of her patriotic new book -- creating a Palinesque perfect storm that could crest into a full-blown lamestream media tsunami.

Throw in her hit reality TV show and Sarah Palin is white-hot. We're talkin' red, white and blue hot!

It's all very exhilarating, I know. But fear not, The Daily Palin is here to help you make satiric sense of the apparent madness.

Sure she's a whistlestop train wreck, but we are duty-bound to rubber-neck because -- love or hate her, adore or abhor her, worship her in-your-face family values or straight-up fear and loathe her, whether she sends a tingle up your spine or a grisly gag reflex up your gullet -- if Sarah takes aim at the White House, verbal bullets are bound to fly.

Chirp -- I think she just tweeted something about Barack Obama palling around with socialists!

Here at The Daily Palin, our crack team of Palintologists is poised to deliver in the ultimate in 24/7 expert coverage of the Palin phenomenon.

Each day, we'll bring you Palin perspectives, videos, jokes, links exclusive breaking fake news ("Sarah survives money avalanche!").

But wait, there's more! Throughout the coming weeks, we'll also publish our satiric companion to Palin's new best-seller. Inspired by the Barracuda Bard herself, we call it "(Real) America by Heart: Reflections on (Exploiting) Family, Faith and Flag (for Fun and Profit)."

(Sources say "America by Heart" is the next in a series of 60-70 Palin books, with future themes to include vampires, polar bears and left-wing zombies.)

So whether you find her Alaska drawl melodious or odious, whether you're just wild about Sarah or involuntarily tormented by the Wasilla Wonder -- this is a site for Palinistas of all political persuasions, from right-wing goons to left-wing loons and everyone in between.

Did you read Frank Rich's column ("Could She Reach the Top in 2012? You Betcha") in yesterday's Times? Outstanding as usual!

The video on this page is noted American redneck savant Billy Buck Teefus reviewing our previous Palin parody, "Going Vogue."

Please stay tuned to The Daily Palin for cutting-edge Palinomic analysis of "real America." A magical land where a politically green, ex-beauty queen from the Great White North can take the GOP 'n' Tea Party by storm -- winking, strutting and tweeting her way down Main Street straight toward 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Posted on November 22, 2010 11:37 PM | Permalink

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