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Harshmallow fluff

Mama Grizzly bared her fangs while sating her sweet tooth Sunday night.

Sarah Palin had already dished some juicy soundbites slamming the first lady for her anti-childhood obesity campaign -- and Sunday night on "Sarah Palin's Alaska" she came back for s'more.

Demonstrating her evil genius for using even the most innocent moment to deliver an insult, Palin was gathering marshmallows for camping snacks when she jabbed Michelle Obama with a sharpened stick.

"Where are the s'mores ingredients? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert," Palin said (VIDEO). Some say she then muttered, "Yeah, that'll show her."

Whether off the cuff or scripted, the zinger reveals much about the self-styled mocky mom's path-illogical need to jeer.

Picking a feud with the beloved first lady for championing the health of America's children might seem like a bizarre political strategy -- but in the paranoid worldview Palin is pushing, everything bends back to an anti-Obama, anti-Big Government talking point. It's really Death Panels 101.

Yeah, first lady. "Get off our back," Palin had said in a Nov. 24 radio rant. (See: Junk-food politics*). Most analysts expect hating on the Obamas to be a key plank in Palin's 2012 presidential bridge to nowhere.

* Junk-food politics -- salty, brightly packaged soundbites that contain no nutritional or civic value.

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Study: Fox News causes cerebral hemorrhoids

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