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Mitt Romney endorsed by Joe the Plumbing Corp. CEO

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign received a major boost today with an endorsement by an iconic American business executive -- Joe the Plumbing Corp. CEO.

A spokesman for Joe the Plumbing Corp. CEO said he supports Romney's plan to fund tax cuts for the wealthy by cutting programs that help Joe Six-Pack and Jane Lunch-Bucket. He also supports Romney's hard-line stance cracking down on Jose the Illegal Immigrant.

Sources say Joe the Plumbing Corp. CEO is a distant cousin of Joe the Plumber -- a fixture on the 2008 campaign trail as John McCain's favorite metaphor for pandering to the middle class.

Now running for Congress in Ohio, Joe the Plumber is also plugging a book and filming a hip, 1990s-style sitcom called "Flush Prince of Bill Ayers." He's also thinking of actually getting his plumber's license.

Pundits say Romney will soon be announcing new endorsements from Joe the Birther Joe the Eccentric Billionaire and Joe the Wall Steet A-Hole.

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Posted on May 21, 2012 10:54 AM | Permalink

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