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Al Qaeda reports declining revenues in fiscal '06

By John Breneman

Al Qaeda Inc. (NYSE: AQI) reported a 3.6% drop in revenues for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, but an annual report released today assures shareholders that senior-level executives remain committed to their bid for a hostile takeover of humanity.

While the international terrorist consortium boasted a modest 2.6% increase in "infidel slayings," it also acknowledged increasing difficulty filling entry-level suicide bomber positions. Sources say the company may begin farming out low-level belt-bomb jobs to migrant workers from Taiwan and Mexico.

The report also noted that Al Qaeda's policy of indiscriminately blowing up innocent Iraqi woman and children may be hurting its public image.

A key part of its cost-cutting strategy for 2007 includes trimming the number of virgins promised to martyrs in the afterlife under their pension plans. So instead of being greeted in the great beyond by 72 nubile sluts, company suicide bombers might instead get three Baghdad opium ho's and a bisexual goat.

Another blow to profits was slower-than-expected sales of Qaeda's anti-American video game system -- Sunni PlayStation 3. Its 2007 product line includes T-shirts ("Coed Naked Suicide Bombers" and "Martyrs Do It in the Afterlife"), Kid Dyn-o-mite belts for "Lil' Terrorists" and an Allah action figure with Kung Fu grip.

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