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Hulk not pleased with Humor Gazette

A spokesman for the Incredible Hulk today released a statement saying the angst-riddled green superhero is considering "bashing the puny Humor Gazette into smithereens."

The spokesman declined to say what had "lit the Hulk's fuse" other than the fact that his image was used to illustrate a story about fellow anger enthusiast Howard Dean. Turns out the Hulk is a Kucinich man.

Trodson calls Gazette @#$&*%$#

Lars Trodson calls Humor Gazette "an epic fusion of gibberish and comic lucidity."

The Humor Gazette is honored to have received its first celebrity endorsement. The plug comes from none other than Lars Trodson, the noted journalist, artiste, raconteur, man-about-town, able swordsman, wordsmythe, butcher, playwright, macadamia nut enthusiast, gadfly, shingles survivor, Shakespearean ne'er-do-well, candlestick maker, linguistic ragamuffin and gentleman ant farmer.

Unfortunately, the Trodson testimonial consists almost entirely of profanity and has been deemed unsuitable for a family web newspaper, one in which the word "ass" is acceptable -- even "shit" or "fuck" or "bush" if used in context and not gratuitously or for shock value -- but certainly not the type of genitalia-infested gutter talk that apparently is the stock in trade of men like Mr. Trodson. Nevertheless, his support is genuinely appreciated.

Coming soon: celebrity testimonials galore

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