Fake Bio

John Breneman

After two decades as a newspaper reporter, editor, page designer and columnist, I prematurely retired from print journalism this year to pursue my dream of writing humor for a living.

The Humor Gazette uses humor to spotlight the absurd and disturbing activities in politics, culture, the median and society at large.

I strive to present intelligent, thought-provoking satire in a highly visual, reader-friendly format that evokes the feel of a traditional print newspaper. Some say my work is on the cutting edge of muckraking investigative cerebral slapstick journalism.

Already, we've been fortunate to receive favorable publicity from USA Today and Editor & Publisher. Noted pundit Lars Trodson even put in a good word.

Often edgy, never mean-spirited. All in fun. We hope you will find laughter here.

Now here's some third-person stuff I made up:

John Breneman was born to write Fake News. Or perhaps this all started when his father (true story) dropped him into a potted plant in his infancy.

Intrigued by the infinite potential of the alphabet at age 4, he may or may not have formed a subconscious desire to become a writer. Two of his earliest role models were Dr. Seuss and Curious George.

A quiet youth, he did not reveal himself as a comic prodigy until age 5 when his essay on man's relationship with the wombat earned him a Knee-Slap Foundation scholarship to attend the prestigious Gutbuster Academy.

His first published work appeared in the Wombat Weekly at York (Maine) High School. There he also anchored a short-lived fake news program, launching the career of his alter ego, the respected TV news anchor Reid Page.

A year after he graduated from Colby College in 1983, his dad, Ernie, sent him off to work for his hometown paper, the York Weekly. He moved across the Piscataqua River to the Portsmouth (N.H.) Herald in 1988, down to Massachusetts as editor of the Cambridge Chronicle in '92, then back to Portsmouth in '98 to make Sunday papers.

His goal is to earn some dough writing funny stuff so he won't have to go back to an office where there isn't as much time to write funny stuff.

Potential investors and top-notch literary agents are encouraged to contact him at mail@humorgazette.com

Humor Gazette webmaster Jeff Raper can be reached at inetsolutions4u.


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